What we do

  • Training

    We train journalists, media professionals and journalism students through the new approach of constructive journalism. We offer the right tools and help them to have second thoughts about the approach on how to deliver the news to help create a more inspiring vision of the world

  • Events

    What impact will the news that you read today have on your mood? Being aware of the influence of the mass media is as important as knowing what you eat. Your "media diet" determines the way you feel, your beliefs and your level of trust in the world around you. Thanks to our events you will learn to distinguish constructive news from the rest.

  • Consulting

    We help journalists and publishers to regain audience by adopting a new approach to delivering news, as great publishers already do, such as the New York Times, the BBC, the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Medium.com and many others. Find out how they managed to win back their readers through constructive journalism

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